Get to know ALDA from the inside.

See how baskets are made in the production plant in Sławków. The foundation of our production are qualified employees and professional and precise machines that produce every product from scratch. Our factory produces all articles with the utmost care, taking care of every detail, in accordance with all standards.

Easy carry is a basket transport system.

It is a handle located in the hinge of the pedal basket. We find it when we want to move the basket from one place to another, grabbing the rear part of the hinge, which is located on the reverse of the container. The Easy carry system makes it much easier to carry the basket, especially when you do not want to lift it with both hands. This additional function makes lifting much more comfortable and hygienic. This creative element increases the utility of the basket. It used to be standard to add a metal handle to the basket. We took an additional initiative to improve the quality of our products. The hinge is made of high-quality plastic, which makes it solid and durable.

We invite you to watch a short movie about the Easy carry function.

Holdbag + is a trash bag fixing system.

This system works well, among others. in Eko Square recycling bins. Just lift the basket lid. Place a waste bag of all kinds in it, in the dimensions created for the given capacity of the bin. Spread the ends of the bag over the entire width of the container. The next step is to mount the Holdbag + handles on the edges of the basket. It is important to install handles on all edges if we want to achieve the desired effect in the form of the garbage bag not sliding inside. Then roll the protruding ends of the bag inside the basket and put the cover back on. Emptying the container is also extremely easy. Simply lift the lid of the trash can, lift and unfold the edges of the waste bag at the edges of the bin, pull the handles off the edge of the trash can and remove the bag. Easy and hassle free. Clean and hygienic use as well as a neat and aesthetic appearance are particularly important aspects of using the Holdbag + handles.

We invite you to watch a short movie about the Holdbag + function.

Fingerprint Proof is a protective coating against fingerprints on the surface.

Each waste bin made of stainless steel leaves traces when it comes into contact with the surface of the leather. FPP steel is covered with an invisible coating that does not leave smudges and fingerprints. In addition, the product dusty slower, thanks to which it remains clean and attractive for longer. The FPP coating not only protects and protects against fingerprints, but also helps to keep it clean, giving the impression of increasing the level of hygiene.

See how the Fingerprint Proof coating improves the comfort and hygiene of everyday use.

Plastic inserts for baskets are equipped with handy handles that allow you to put a garbage bag and empty the bin.

How to use plastic handles? It's easy.

Just lift the lid of the trash can and lock it with the Click Lock system. Then lift the handles of the insert in the trash can, insert the bag between the plastic hoops and fold the edges outwards. The next step is pressing the handles to the bucket and closing the lid by releasing the Click Lock hinge. The advantages of the plastic handles in the pedal basket insert are certainly the neat appearance of the basket, without the protruding bag on the outside of the container, which gives the impression of greater hygiene in the use of the container. This is especially true when emptying the trash bin. You must first lift the basket lid, lock the hinge, lift the plastic handles and remove the waste bag safely. The bucket in the basket is clean and ready for the next use.

Thanks to special plastic handles in the bucket, you will not only improve the aesthetics of the basket, but also make its everyday use easier.

Installation and operation of the rim in the ECO baskets

Installing the rims in the ECO baskets is a popular addition to the baskets. It is perfect for replacing the garbage bag, without fear of getting dirty. Garbage bags stick to the bin and do not slide off. The bag fitting guarantees hygienic and safe use. We are able to quickly and easily replace the bag. It is made of stainless steel, which is durable and solid as well as resistant to mechanical damage and weather conditions. The zinc coating protects the steel for many years and requires no maintenance. The anticorrosive properties of zinc coatings are based on the fact that zinc can form extremely resistant and very sparingly soluble covering coatings. Useful for a long time. A complementary value is the visual part that the rim leaves behind - the bag is not visible and the basket looks very good.

See how to quickly and easily put a hoop on a bag in our ECO baskets.

System for attaching the bag to the ash box

The bag holder is an excellent and valued accessory for baskets. Garbage bags stick to the bin and do not slide off. This allows them to be quickly removed from the ash pan and almost immediately put on a new bag, without fear of getting dirty. An additional advantage is that they are made of galvanized steel. The zinc coating protects the steel for many years and requires no maintenance. The anticorrosive properties of zinc coatings mean that zinc can form extremely resistant and very sparingly soluble covering coatings. They are resistant to wind and weather conditions. They are useful for use for a long time.

See how to attach the clamp that holds the bag in the ash box.

Soft Close is a system of silent closing of the pedal basket cover.

Each pedal basket has a functional and easy-to-open system for opening the basket, i.e. the pedal. ALDA baskets are equipped with a rubber pad, non-slip, which prevents the pedal from falling out of our control. That is why we have met our customers and their needs, including comfortable closing of litter bins, without unnecessary noise caused by the noise of the quick and uncontrolled fall of the litter bin cover. The Soft Close system is a quiet and slow fall of the lid, which increases the safety of the container, i.e. protects it against additional damage. Increases the comfort of everyday use. Thanks to the precise design and the highest quality materials used, our baskets ensure trouble-free use up to 10,000 openings.

See how with the SOFT CLOSE function you can improve the quality of everyday use of the basket.

Operation of the CLICK LOCK locking system of the pedal basket cover.

The latch presented in the video is located under the hinge. Simply push the latch upwards to open the cover. The container has a lid lock - so emptying it becomes easier. Ideally suited to hotels, spa salons, petrol stations and places with a higher standard. This innovative feature keeps the basket inside clean. It will definitely work when you need a constantly open basket, e.g. to throw away a large amount of waste while holding the container open. The Click Lock system is made of high-quality plastic, which makes it durable and durable. Additionally, our pedal baskets have a declaration issued by CATAS for 10,000 cycles - EN 16122: 2012 + AC: 2015, clause 7.3.2, ISO 7170: 2005, clause 7.3.2.

We invite you to watch a short movie about the Click lock function.

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