Made In Poland / EU

Made In Poland / European Union.

All products are made in European Union (Poland)
Do 5 lat gwarancji

Up to 5 years warranty

Products with an extended warranty of up to 5 years.
Właściwości antybakteryjne

Antiseptic properities

The active substance added to paint and plastic parts destroys harmful microorganisms. It remains active for many years providing permanent antimicrobial protection. This products with the following standards: PN-EN ISO 846: 2002 regarding the evaluation of the action of microorganisms, which is confirmed by the Department of Medical Chemistry and Microbiology.
Podwyższona niepalność

Increased flame retardancy

Plastic inner buckets that have the non-flammability category V2, which is confirmed by the test report No. LT / 132/201B made by the research laboratory J. S. HamiltonPoland S.A.
Właściwości przeciwpożarowe

Reduced fire spreading

Our selected products, such as bins, buckets, and ashtray bins, used in accordance with their intended purpose, do not contribute to increasing the fire risk in the facilities, which is confirmed by Scientific And Research Centre For Fire Protection.
Odporność na odciski palców

Fingerprint proof protection

Products with special surface that ensure fingerprint-proof protection.
Technologia samogasząca

Self extinguishing technology

Thanks to special design of cover, FIREGUARD bins have self extinguishing features. Thanks to this, they can be used safely in households.
10 000 cykli

10 000 cycles

Our pedal bins have declarations issued by CATAS for 10,000 cycles -EN 16122: 2012 + AC: 2015, clause 7.3.2, ISO 7170: 2005, x 10 000 clause 7.3.2.
Łatwy w przenoszeniu

Easy to carry

Through project process of our products, we are caring mostly about ergonomy. That’s why hinge in ALDA bins is specially designed to be handle at the same time which makes bin moving easier.
Plastikowe uchwyty

Plastic handles

Plastic buckets for ALDA waste bins its equipped with handy plastic handles that helps with installation and emptying.
Pedał z nakładką antypoślizgową

Pedal with anti-slip inlay

Thanks to pedal with anti-slip inlay, We incraise comfort of using our products.
Click lock

Click lock

ALDA pedal bins are equipped with innovative „click lock” mechanism that locks lid in vertical position after opening. Thanks to that we can easily add or throw out the waste.
Ciche zamykanie

Soft Close

In our products, we offer Soft Close technology that closing lid slowly and quiet ensure silent and comfort using of our bins. Thanks to high quality materials, and best design, our waste bins are capable of opening up to 10 000 times.
Łatwe czyszczenie powierzchni pod koszem

Easy cleaning of the surface under the basket

Hanging bin makes it easier to clean the area under.
Stal nierdzewna

Stainless steel

Products made of stainless steel are available in gloss or satin finish. All products made of stainless steel are received in a quality aspect in accordance with the standard- PN-EN 10088-2.
Stal powlekana organicznie

Organic coated steel

Products made of organic coated steel have 5 years warranty. This material is subjected to a galvanisation process and then powder coated, which increases its durability and anti-corrosion features. Products made of this material can be used inside objects and in environments with corrosivity categories C1 and C2. All products made of this material are received in a quality aspect in accordance with the following standards:
- PN-EN 10143,
- PN-EN 10169,
- PN-EN 10346.
Stal lakierowana proszkowo

Powder coated steel

Products made of powder coated steel have 2 years warranty. We are able to offer our products in any color.
Stal ocynkowana malowana proszkowo

Powder coated galvanized steel

Products made of galvanized steel and additionally powder coated, have increased durability and anti-corrosion properties.