3-Compartment Bin with Antibacterial Coating 3x60L

Appendings color
180.00 L
91.00 cm
69.00 cm
31.00 cm
14.80 kg

The active substance added to the powder used to varnish the 3-compartment bin with antibacterial coating 3x60L, is completely safe for health. Instead of the commonly used nanosilver, our 3-segregation bin with antibacterial coating 3x60L contains unique metal-ion compounds. Thanks to them, the segregation bin with an antibacterial coating deactivates bacteria and microbes and reduces unpleasant odours, which are often a result of the multiplication of bacteria and fungi on the surface of the bin. Using the powder coating technology, the 3-compartment bin with antibacterial coating is safe for the user. It is widely used in the medical industry in the EU and the US. The waste segregation bin has a decorative frame and a sticker for rubbish segregation, which will facilitate the segregation of rubbish for everyone. The width of the bin is 26.5 cm. / The height of the bin is 69 cm.


Made in Poland / EU

All products marked with this sign are made in Poland.

Powder coated steel

Products made of powder coated steel have 2 years warranty. We are able to offer our products in any color.

Waste label

Perfect for segregation of garbage - expressive color and inscription makes segregation easier for everyone.

Decorative frame

Especially for customers who value not only quality, but also the appearance and aesthetics of the product.

Powder coated lid


This allows you to recognize the right waste separation bin from afar.

Steel or plastic insert

It allows you to dispose of garbage hygienically without disturbing the housing of the bin.

Hold Bag System

The Hold Bag function allows you to keep trash bags (without sliding them to the bottom of the bin).

Antiseptic properities

The active substance added to paint and plastic parts destroys harmful microorganisms. It remains active for many years providing permanent antimicrobial protection. This products with the following standards: PN-EN ISO 846: 2002 regarding the evaluation of the action of microorganisms, which is confirmed by the Department of Medical Chemistry and Microbiology.

Non-slip rubber base


Thanks to the rubber base, the bin adheres to the surface on which it was placed. This reduces the bin movement to a minimum and possible surface damage.

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