Ashtray for URBAN Bin

0.01 L

The bin ashtray fits Urban recycling bins. Our bin ashtrays help raise awareness about throwing away cigarette butts into the correct bin. The URBAN bin ashtray is one of the accessories offered by Alda. The ashtray is made of polished stainless steel. The URBAN bin tray can be placed in the bin in front of shopping malls, hotels, restaurants, clubs, in front of the entrance to a public building, etc. Our bin ashtrays contain a 17 mm diameter opening for cigarette butts. The length is 75 mm / the width is 70 mm.


Stainless steel

Products made of stainless steel are available in gloss or satin finish. All products made of stainless steel are received in a quality aspect in accordance with the standard- PN-EN 10088-2.

Organic coated steel

Products made of organic coated steel have 5 years warranty. This material is subjected to a galvanisation process and then powder coated, which increases its durability and anti-corrosion
features. Products made of this material can be used inside objects and in environments with corrosivity categories C1 and C2. 
- PN-EN 10346.

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