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12.00 L
35.00 cm
105.00 cm
16.00 kg

The Maskonur is a rubbish bin, specially designed to remove the rubbers when throwing away the masks.
The Maskonur catches the eye, along with the instructions on how to handle the used mask. The mask opening is closed, so we reduce the problem of wind transmission. A specially designed beak breaks off the mask's rubber bands, in which animals get entangled.
Maskonur  is a steel, well-made, colorful waste basket, with shape and graphics resembling a Puffin, whose beak has been constructed in such a way that the rubber bands are torn off before throwing away the mask. The puffin is so characteristic that it is impossible to pass by it indifferently. When you leave a public place, for example - you take off your mask and what do you see? Color Puffin with instructions - how to proceed with the mask.

Our solution is a good step towards animal safety and proper disposal of this type of waste. Additionally, it has a de-stressing effect. Masks - we find it difficult to breathe in them, they smudge makeup, cause glasses to fog up, generally frustrate and sometimes make them angry. As the psychologist says - prof. Paweł Rasmus - Say goodbye to a worn-out mask in an eco-stressful way. Feel this blissful state when you get rid of the used mask, put on a new one and keep on. And it works!
After all, thanks to the Puffin, we can save the life of a pet. That's a lot and it's worth it!

The first prototypes were created at the Medical University of Lodz ( They were printed by Marcin Ciszewski in the university's prototyping workshop ( The next, final products were created thanks to the support of the Promotion Bureau (Joanna Milczarek) and the EcoUMED community (Tomasz Jasiński - and the support of the Packaging Recovery Organization - Rekopol ( ). The puffins have been graphically designed and produced by our company Alda Poland Sp. z o.o. (, a Polish manufacturer of litter bins.

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Anti-slip adjustable galvanized steel legs


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Additional protection against unauthorized opening of rubbish bins.

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