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Kosz scherwood


Kosz pedałowy

Pedal bins

A wide selection of bins for the most demanding.
Kosz otwarty

Room baskets

Ease of use, functionality and aesthetics are the main features of this category.
Kosz z pokrywą

Bins with lids

Durability, quality and dedicated solutions for the most demanding.
Kosze do segregacji

Waste segregation bins

We have to prevent devastation of the Earth by protecting it from unprocessed rubbish.

Ashtray bins

Over 80% of cigarette butts don't go to the trash. Let's change habits and clean up after ourselves.
Akcesoria do koszy na śmieci ALDA


Add-ons and assortments to make using the products even more comfortable.

Bins manufacturer

ALDA is a manufacturer and distributor of waste baskets, operating in the market for over 25 years. Manufacturer of litter bins, recycling bins, waste bins for the home and many other waste solutions.

ALDA Europe offers factual and reliable advice, characterised by dedicated customer service and fast delivery. We handle all enquiries in dedicated languages. As a manufacturer of waste bins and a distributor of waste bins, we operate throughout Europe, i.e. in Germany, Poland, France, Spain, Portugal and Italy. We have many years of worldwide sales experience with manufacturing companies as well as commercial and industrial enterprises. We also equip hospitals and clinics with our hospital waste bins. Universities and public places such as shopping malls and hotels also choose from our range. 

The waste basket manufacturer ALDA is constantly expanding its presence in European markets and its range of products to meet the special requirements of its customers. Therefore, ALDA enters the UK market to reach companies that need waste baskets from a distributor at competitive prices. 

Made In Poland
Polish producer
Do 5 lat gwarancji
Warranty up to 5 years
10000 cykli
Durability and quality
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