The waste bin in the bathroom is a very important thing. This is due to the fact that this is the place immediately after the kitchen that generates the most waste to be thrown away.

The dustbin is mainly associated with the kitchen, as this is where most waste of all kinds collects.

Everyone feels more comfortable in their room when it is tidy and orderly.

Waste baskets are an indispensable accessory for every home. They help to keep things clean and tidy. They most often find their place in the kitchen and bathroom, but they also work well in the bedroom and office.

Choosing a waste bin seems like a simple choice, but it is not always so. We think about the colour, size and location of such a waste bin.

The bin in a small kitchen - which rubbish bin will do the job best? For several years now, out of concern for the environment, it has been compulsory to separate waste in homes.

One of the places where most waste occurs is certainly the kitchen. It is a specific, multifunctional place. There are small kitchens that are used by large families.

Leftover food, cans, glass bottles and plastics are an everyday occurrence in every kitchen.

Recently, awareness of waste segregation has been increasing! A lot of waste is easy to classify and segregate, but what about so-called difficult waste?

Kitchen - the heart of every home, where both busy mornings and lazy evenings are spent. It's important that this place is very practical and furnished to our liking.

Special bins for paper, glass, metal and plastic - see what to put where. Also find out what to do with medical waste and BIO.

At first, separating rubbish and understanding what and where to throw it can seem like a daunting task. However, with a little practice, the process can go quickly and smoothly.