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ALDA Poland is a company with over 40 years of tradition, which majority owners are two Polish families. Since the beginning of the company's existence, we have been constantly caring for its development and innovation, continuously expanding our range. Only decisions change life and lead to development, hence we are not afraid of bold changes in running the company. Initially, we mainly dealt with the production of metal kettles, steamers, bread bins and other household appliances. Currently, our predominant activity is the production of waste bins. In our business philosophy, we focus on honesty and respect for employees. The most important is the other man. In recent years, we have been paying special attention to environmental protection.


ALDA production plant

Get to know ALDA from the inside. See how bins are made in the production plant in Sławków. The foundation of our production are qualified employees and professional and precise machines that produce every product from scratch. Our factory produces all articles with the utmost care, taking care of every detail, in accordance with all standards.

pracownik Alda

We would like to take an active part in environmental activities, so that our children and grandchildren will be able to enjoy the beauty of the Earth. We want to constantly develop our skills and strive to make our operation not just ordinary reproduction and processing, but a place full of ideas and creative thinking.

Almost all materials and services, which we use in production, come from Poland. In addition, we are a part of two Polish companies, that deal with the processing of metals and plastics – within them key semi-finished products are made in the areas of our organizations.

Thanks to the high quality of our products, the ALDA brand is also recognized outside the European Union. We export them to countries in Asia, Africa or America.


The functioning of companies and enterprises is very often associated with local pollution of the natural environment, which, however, has an impact on the global situation of nature.

Green Companies EkoBiznesPolska are institutions, enterprises and private persons taking up environmental protection activities in their business, to which we also belong.

As an pro-ecological company, ALDA meets the environment by taking an active part in increasing the quality of life for future generations. We are a company that understands the need to make significant changes to the management of natural resources that play a vital role in production processes. That is why we decide to implement ecological programs aimed at better management of what our natural environment gives us.

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