Automatyczna stacja do dezynfekcji 961






In the era of tightened sanitary regime, our priority is products that allow us to increase the level of health protection. So far, we have created bins with antibacterial properties that allow a significant reduction of microbes on the surface of the containers. Taking care of customer safety, ALDA has also decided to start production of universal dispenser stands and a compact hygiene station.

Automatyczna stacja do dezynfekcji rąk


Touchless hand disinfection station is perfect for places with high traffic such as shopping malls, workplaces, schools or other public places. The product is powered by a battery as standard, but it is also possible to connect it to the mains, which guarantees stable operation of the device. The ALDA disinfection station can be placed or hung on the wall, so it can be installed in the most convenient place. Integrated 1L container can be refilled with most antibacterial / antiviral liquids (not gels) available on the market, and the amount of liquid dispensed can be freely adjusted from 0.4 ml to 5 ml. The station housing is made of powder-coated galvanized steel, and the drip tray is made of acid-proof steel. Due to the electronic components, the station is only suitable for indoor use.

Additional product features:

- touchless Dispensing

- up to 5000 cycles on single charge*

- 2L refillable container (up to 5000 cycles/container*)

- mains or battery powered

- fluid level indicator

- charge LCD level indicator

- fluid spray volume adjustment screw

- equipped with lock

- standing or wall mounted

- integrated 4,5 Ah battery and dedicated charger


The compactly built, multi-functional hygiene station allows of maximum use of the space in which the trash can stands. It is ideal for hospitals, workplaces, hotels, restaurants, shopping malls and all other places with increased sanitary regime. The station contains an integrated 1l fluid dispenser with pump, as well as a fluid level viewfinder, so you can easily plan its refilling. The pump has been designed to dispense the right amount of fluid. There is a special gutter under the pump that protects the bin from dirt. To further increase the convenience of use, the station has a built-in paper towel dispenser and glove dispenser. The glove dispenser is adapted to loosely packed gloves, which are mounted with a clamp, as well as gloves packed in a box that can be placed in a special partition with an opening. To protect the station against unwanted opening, a zip closure has been fitted. At the bottom of the station there is a capacious litter bin with an internal insert, which makes emptying the bin much more convenient. Thus, the station housing is not affected in any way. The insert has special handles for the rubbish bag, which prevents unwanted sliding of the bag to the bottom of the bin. The upper part of the hygiene station fits all types of Eko Square bins - you can use the station or the bin itself instead. The square base of the station has been finished with a non-slip material that protects against unwanted movement. In addition, the station has also ergonomic handles, making it easy to move to the selected location. The height has been adjusted, so that each user can easily use the station.


Dispenser stands work very well in all public places. They do not require touching the dispenser, which significantly increases the level of hygiene and safety. ALDA dispenser stands are available in two versions. The first one is made of black powder-coated steel, while the second one is made of satin stainless steel with a coating preventing fingerprints. The black stand will work especially in classic places, and the stand with a fingerprint-preventing coating will give the stand an aesthetic look for a long time, especially in medical institutions. The height of the stand can be adjusted to the height of people using the dispenser. What's more, it is possible to attach the stand to the ground, which prevents unwanted sliding and tipping over the dispenser. At eye level, there is a place to stick the company logo in which the stand will be located, which will allow you to easily associate the company as caring for the health and safety of its customers. The dispenser can be mounted by screws as well as by double-sided tape. The ALDA stand fits most dispensers available on the market. An additional advantage of the stand is an integrated glove holder, allowing you to place both the dispenser and protective gloves in one place.

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