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Nowadays, we must engage in various ways to protect the environment. Sorting waste is one of them. Most of the purchased goods are made of materials that can be reused. The discarded garbage then becomes a very valuable resource. This enables new products to be produced using less materials and energy. Thanks to recycling, we definitely reduce the consumption of natural resources, as well as the emission of harmful substances into the environment. Seeing the great need to join the environmental protection plan, ALDA has created bins for waste segregation. It is an offer for people responsible for managing environmental protection in workplaces, companies, institutions, as well as for individual clients.


ALDA waste bins are made of metal, which makes our waste containers durable. After purchasing metal products, you do not need to replace them often. Most of ALDA’s sorting bins have a 5-year warranty, which translates into the profitability of their purchase. Some of our waste segregation products also have fire protection properties, which is confirmed by the research carried out by the Scientific and Research Center for Fire Protection. We have various types of stickers for this type of bins, i.e. metal and plastic, paper, glass, bio, mixed waste, masks and gloves, medical waste and hazardous waste. In our standard, it is possible to select the order of fractions of waste containers depending on the customer's preferences. We also have a wide range of bin sizes for segregation from 45l to 280l. In our offer you can find external and internal waste segregation bins. External bins are products from the Modular Bin and Urban lines, made of powder-coated steel. Both lines in the set have zippers in the lid that protect the bins against unauthorized opening, as well as rings or holders for bin bags, that prevent the trash bag from slipping and sticking out of the bin.




Trash cans from the Modular Bin series have many configurations available. They can be combined in any form, depending on the customer's preferences. Single, double, triple and quadruple modules are available. Each of them has available stickers for waste segregation. You can order bins with a hood that effectively protects segregated waste from getting wet. Metal covers or lids for bins in different colors are also available - depending on the type of segregated waste. It is also possible to combine modular bins with a battery container (with a special waste sticker), an ashtray or a drainer. Modular bin has wheels in the set for easy positioning of the bin, as well as adjustable galvanized anti-slip feet. What's more, the modular bin has handles that allow you to move the trash can even easier. In this series, internal inserts are available, what makes cleaning much more easy. To increase the safety of our clients, we also offer Modular Bin trash cans from the antibacterial series, which significantly reduce the reproduction of microorganisms on the surface of the containers.






Urban bins are products that can also be arranged in any way depending on the design of the destination. Urban waste containers definitely fit into modern places. The Urban bins offer includes segregation stickers, different-colored rain hoods and metal overlays (on customer's request, the colors are selected depending on the type of segregated waste). You can also buy steel inserts, dog waste lid and ashtray. If we want a stable attachment of Urban containers to the ground, anchors fixing the waste container are also available.

kosz Eko Nord

ALDA’s internal bins for segregation are containers from the Eco series: Eco, Nord, Prestige, Square 60l, Square 90l, Square Prestige, Square Nord, Square Type 1, Square Type 2 and Station. Bins from these production lines are made of powder coated steel and / or organic coated steel. The Eko Prestige bin is available in stainless steel and with a powder-coated lid. All bins from the Eco series have a non-slip rubber base that prevents the bin from moving, segregated waste stickers and colored covers that can be freely configured by the customer. The Eko Station bins have colorful borders on the lid, that allow you to segregate waste even easier. Our offer also includes inserts for segregation containers, which allow our clients to empty their bins in more convenient way. The waste containers from the Eco series have Hold Bag System or bag holders, which prevents the bag from slipping and getting out of the bin. The Eco series bins have also a function of connecting containers with the help of special connectors, in the configuration chosen by the customer. A big advantage of our segregation bins are also properly selected filling holes, which force crushing garbage before throwing them away. The variety of models of waste containers from the Eco series allows for their best selection, depending on interior design. Eko Nord, Eko Square Nord and Eko Station bins are also available in an antibacterial version - ideal for hospitals, clinics and other places with high hygiene needs.

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