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The easiest way to separate waste at the office

Sposób na segregację śmieci w biurze

The easiest way to separate waste at the office

There is no denying that nowadays, waste segregation has become extremely important. In this way, you can make a significant contribution to taking care of the environment. Nevertheless, waste segregation usually becomes quite problematic in offices. Usually, office spaces do not have proper containers for waste segregation. So what is the easiest way to sort waste in the office?

What are the characteristics of office waste bins?

Office waste bins are certainly an indispensable piece of equipment. However, when choosing them, it is extremely important to take capacity into account. Even though it may seem that not that much waste is produced in the office, it is important to make sure that they have at least 10 litres. What's more, office waste bins also need to be elegant, so that they fit in with the existing arrangement of the space. Usually, models made of stainless steel or aluminium are chosen, which are characterised by a minimalist design. The convenience of use is also extremely important, which is why litter bins with feet and a lockable flap are chosen for the office.

Where can the waste bins be placed in the office?

Waste separation bins for the office usually become problematic when it comes to finding the right place for them. Nevertheless, waste separation bins for offices can be placed both in a quite visible place and in a more discreet one. They are usually placed where employees can have direct access to them. The ideal place for office waste separation bins is in the corner in front of the exit door or in the staff rest room. What's more, if there is a co-working space in the office, it is a good idea for employees to have access to individual recycling bins, which can stand next to or just below their desk.

In which room should I place the office waste segregation bins?

Waste separation bins for the office are usually three-chamber waste containers. They enable you to sort your rubbish properly and thus make a certain contribution to environmental protection. However, waste segregation containers for offices should be located in places where employees most often prepare their meals and spend their free time. This makes the employee kitchen or recreation room an ideal place to place waste segregation bins for offices. It is worth noting that in a cooperative office space, where there are no clearly separated spaces and rooms, such office waste segregation bins should be placed in a less visible place in the room, but they must be positioned in such a way that employees have easy access to them.

What is most often segregated in the office?

Office work usually involves tonnes of waste paper and also plastic. Waste segregation containers for the office should therefore obligatorily have appropriate chambers, thanks to which employees can easily separate paper from plastic. Let's not hide the fact that aluminium waste is also quite common in the office. Employees often enjoy their favourite drink in a can or use paper clips and staples, which have to be disposed of later. The recycling bins in the office must therefore undoubtedly have three compartments. The office waste separation bins help to keep things tidy and at the same time contribute to the environmental friendliness of the company.

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