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Small hotel trash cans for your room and other areas

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Small hotel trash cans for your room and other areas

When completing the equipment of the hotel, it is necessary to take into account both aesthetic considerations and the comfort of guests. An important role in the arrangements should therefore be played by accessories that improve the performance of daily activities. That's why there should be practical waste baskets on the premises. It is worth noting that thanks to modern designs, they can serve not only as a waste container, but also as a stylish accessory. So what models are worth looking for when choosing hotel waste baskets?

In which rooms in a hotel are waste garbage cans placed?

The rooms that first come to mind in the context of placing waste bins are mainly hotel rooms. This is of course a correct assumption, but it is worth remembering that it is not the only place where they should be placed. It is also a good practice to place buckets in bathrooms - regardless of whether it is a toilet located on the first floor or intended for the private use of people renting a room. Small trash cans for the bathroom can make a significant contribution to maintaining the comfort of hotel guests. What's more, with these types of bins you can minimize the risk of waste such as cotton buds or cotton swabs being thrown into the toilet. On the other hand, in common areas, such as corridors, reception area or a possible bar or terrace, slightly larger and convenient hotel waste garbage cans can be placed, which will accommodate possible papers, used tissues and other unnecessary items. When looking for the most practical solutions, it is worth getting acquainted with the offer of waste garbage cans manufacturer ALDA. Functional, yet aesthetically designed containers are perfect for hotel equipment.

What dimensions of baskets are the most practical in a hotel?

When looking for baskets for use by hotel guests, attention should be paid to the mechanism of operation and the type of material from which the bucket is made. However, equally important will be the dimensions, which will allow you to fit the accessory into the interior of the room or bathroom. Small trash cans work best in hotel rooms. They are extremely convenient to use, and at the same time there is no fear that they will obstruct the passage, or otherwise translate into discomfort for guests. For bathrooms, hotel trash cans with a capacity of about three liters will work best. Such a bucket will be visible, and at the same time will not dominate the (often small) room. It is also worth noting that the best solution for a hotel toilet is a waste garbage can equipped with a pedal mechanism, i.e. one whose cover opens after a button is pressed with a foot. This helps maintain hygiene and limits the spread of possible bacteria. A perfect example would be a 3-liter wastebasket with an antibacterial coating. This model is enriched with a special protective coating. Waste baskets located in rooms or common areas can be slightly larger - the optimal capacity will be, for example, five liters.

Hotel metal wastebaskets

When choosing hotel waste baskets, it is worth considering both the functionality of the item, as well as the aesthetics of the design. That is why baskets made of stainless steel are very popular. Their unobtrusive, yet stylish appearance will look great regardless of the style in which the hotel interior has been decorated. Moreover, as the manufacturer of metal wastebaskets points out, this material is extremely durable and resistant to mechanical damage or corrosion, so it can successfully serve for years. Perforated baskets can be an alternative to containers shaped like tin cans. They owe their classic look to powder coating. Small, black wastebaskets will work well in a hotel room, as well as at the reception desk or in the hallway. An interesting idea can also be modern containers covered with eco leather, such as this one:  This product is not only convenient to use and environmentally friendly, but also has an extremely stylish design.

Antibacterial baskets and segregation baskets in hotels

When choosing hotel equipment, you should also keep in mind that a large number of visitors will inevitably contribute to increased waste production. That is why it is worth taking care that hotel waste garbage cans guarantee comfort of use. Antibacterial wastepaper baskets, mentioned earlier, are a good solution. They are equipped with a special antibacterial coating, which contributes to the destruction of potentially harmful microorganisms that settle on their surface. At the same time, especially in common areas, it is a good idea to place waste segregation garbage cans.  Such segregation garbage cans are both a practical addition and an expression of concern for the natural environment. As indicated by the manufacturer of wastepaper baskets, colorful elements will make it easier to identify individual compartments, and the bag holder placed inside will allow for easy and comfortable use of the wastepaper baskets.

The manufacturer of metal waste baskets ALDA offers a wide range of waste garbage cans for hotels, baskets for public places and various types of baskets for the home.

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