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Waste bin for the bathroom - what size to choose

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Waste bin for the bathroom - what size to choose

The waste bin in the bathroom is a very important thing. This is due to the fact that this is the place immediately after the kitchen that generates the most waste to be thrown away. Find out what size the right waste bin for the bathroom should be.

What are the characteristics of a waste bin for the bathroom?

Bathroom waste bins are usually not very big. What's more, they are made of plastic or metal. The capacities offered are usually 3 and 5 litres. Most often we choose pedal baskets for these rooms, which have a foot and pressing the foot opens the lid of the waste basket. Bathroom waste baskets can also offer a so-called silent closing function. They also have many other interesting technologies.

Why is there a waste bin in the bathroom?

Bathroom waste baskets are used to throw in various waste products, for example, cotton wools, cotton buds and other grooming-related residues. Furthermore, the bathroom bin is also designed for throwing in used tampons, sanitary pads, or sanitary pads. These things cannot be thrown into the toilet as they risk clogging the drain or causing other problems.

Hanging bathroom waste bins or pedal bins - which should I choose?

Modern wastebaskets for the bathroom are made from high-quality polished steel. The highest class of workmanship translates into reliability. Bathroom waste baskets usually have pedals that open the lid of the basket when pressed. This is a very convenient solution. There is no need to bend down, as the lever is located at the floor. In addition, small wastepaper baskets for the bathroom often have a container inside, equipped with a very convenient handle, as well as a system designed to hold rubbish bags.

Hanging bathroom baskets, on the other hand, are an interesting alternative. They are also distinguished by their very high quality. They always come with accessories for hanging on the wall. What's more, even after installation it is very easy to remove such a waste basket. They also have very convenient systems responsible for quietly lifting the lid of the bin.

The most frequently chosen capacities for bathroom bins?

For the bathroom, trash bins with a capacity of 3 or 5 litres are the most frequently chosen option. Small waste bins for the bathroom are a very practical solution. Moreover, people mainly buy a bin with a foot or a pedal for easy opening and closing. It is also important that bathroom bins have a separate container inside. This solution guarantees a longer life span and provides exceptional convenience of use. Moreover, it is worth investing in a product that has rubber feet to prevent the basket from slipping. This technology will also ensure that the bin will not tip over when opened.

Antibacterial wastepaper baskets for the bathroom

Antibacterial waste baskets are coated with powder paint, which effectively protects against the growth of bacteria and other unwanted microorganisms. In addition, containers made of plastic have an antibacterial and antifungal agent inside. It is worth noting that the effect of antibacterial waste bins lasts as long as the powder coating remains undamaged. It is also important that these products have properties that reduce unpleasant odours very strongly. Bathroom bins manufactured with antibacterial technology will work well not only in individual households, but also in hospitals and other such facilities. Such rubbish bins are really very effective and extremely durable.

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