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In many factories and workplaces there is a need for high-quality functional equipment that is resistant to repeated use. To meet these needs, we present an offer of industrial bins - durable and ergonomic. ALDA industrial bins include waste containers from the SHERMAN and HYGIENIC BIN lines. They are available in both regular and antibacterial versions. For bins in the anti-bacterial version, it is possible to order container stickers, that allow of easier segregation of waste.


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HYGIENIC BIN bins can be made of powder-coated steel or stainless steel. Due to the fact that the bin is mounted to the wall, keeping the surface under the container clean is nothing difficult. The standard bins of the HYGIENIC BIN series include a galvanized insert that is corrosion resistant. They are also characterized by high durability (safe opening up to 10,000 cycles). Stainless steel bins are made with a special coating resistant to fingerprints. Comfortable foot opening does not require touching the bin with your hands. HYGIENIC BIN trash cans also have the Soft Close function, which ensures silent closing of the container. The bin has also a special flap that prevents the possibility of hazardous waste being removed. This is particularly useful protection in hazardous waste storage areas (e.g. in hospitals) and in places where children are present. We recommend HYGIENIC BIN trash cans wherever durability and hygiene of bins are important.

Sherman 50l standard




SHERMAN bins are ideal for factories, workplaces, catering companies and households. They are extremely durable - opening and closing covers a minimum of 10,000 cycles. The standard version is made of organic coated steel and powder coated steel and has a five-year warranty. The antibacterial version is made of powder-coated steel and has a two-year warranty. The SHERMAN bins are equipped with a powerful pedal that allows for above-average use and hygiene. The SHERMAN dustbin has a handle that allows convenient carrying. For SHERMAN bins there are available internal, steel inserts - durable and enabling intensive use. An additional advantage of the bins is the adhesive lid that protects against unpleasant odors, as well as the Soft Close system that allows silent closing of the trash can. The Hold Bag function allows you to keep the garbage bag and hide it, which gives the bin an aesthetic look.

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