Fire proof bin - 20 litres - stainless

20.00 L
43.00 cm
24.00 cm
1.50 kg

The 20 litre waste bin with self-extinguishing lid, thanks to its capacity, is very adaptable and will fit into even the smallest rooms. The modern shape of the 20 litre this bin makes it a perfect match for modern interiors in a variety of styles - minimalist, industrial, etc. The self-extinguishing technology that the 20 litre Fireguard bin that it has allows you to keep peace of mind and a sense of security against the outbreak of fire in your home, office or hotel. The presented 20 litre bin with self-extinguishing lid is made of durable, high-quality materials. The diameter is: 24 cm / Basket height is: 43 cm


Made in Poland / EU

All products marked with this sign are made in Poland.

Stainless steel

Products made of stainless steel are available in gloss or satin finish. All products made of stainless steel are received in a quality aspect in accordance with the standard- PN-EN 10088-2.

Place for the bag holder

Thanks to the place for the bag holder, the garbage bags do not slip, but stick to the bin.

Bag holder available

A trash bag holder or tape is a highly appreciated accessory. Garbage bags cling to the bin and do not slide.

Self extinguishing technology

Thanks to special design of cover, FIREGUARD bins have self extinguishing features. Thanks to this, they can be used safely in households.

Reduced fire spreading

Our selected products, such as bins, buckets, and ashtray bins, used in accordance with their intended purpose, do not contribute to increasing the fire risk in the facilities, which is confirmed
by Scientific And Research Centre For Fire Protection.

Non-slip rubber base


Thanks to the rubber base, the bin adheres to the surface on which it was placed. This reduces the bin movement to a minimum and possible surface damage.

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