60-litre Recycling Bin

Appendings color
60.00 L
30.00 cm
69.00 cm
30.00 cm
4.94 kg

Our 60-litre recycling bin is not a usual bin for recycling. First of all, it is an attempt for a change and more responsible life. The 60-litre recycling bin brings benefits such as cleaner environment, savings in the wallet and great self-satisfaction. This  60-litre recycling bin be ordered with a connecting function which allows to place it in the most comfortable and optimal way. Thanks to its rubber base, the 60-litre recycling bin stands on the surface on which it is placed. It prevents the bin from moving. Each 60-litre recycling bin will help you practice eco-friendly solutions. Its width is 30 cm. / The height of the bin is 69 cm.


Up to 5 years warranty

Products with an extended warranty of up to 5 years.

Made in Poland / EU

All products marked with this sign are made in Poland.

Powder coated steel

Products made of powder coated steel have 2 years warranty. We are able to offer our products in any color.

Organic coated steel

Products made of organic coated steel have 5 years warranty. This material is subjected to a galvanisation process and then powder coated, which increases its durability and anti-corrosion
features. Products made of this material can be used inside objects and in environments with corrosivity categories C1 and C2. 
- PN-EN 10346.

Possibility of joining bins


Bins for segregation can be ordered with the joining function, which allows you to set them in the most convenient and optimal way.

Waste label

Perfect for segregation of garbage - expressive color and inscription makes segregation easier for everyone.

Powder coated lid


This allows you to recognize the right waste separation bin from afar.

Steel or plastic insert

It allows you to dispose of garbage hygienically without disturbing the housing of the bin.

Hold Bag System

The Hold Bag function allows you to keep trash bags (without sliding them to the bottom of the bin).

Non-slip rubber base


Thanks to the rubber base, the bin adheres to the surface on which it was placed. This reduces the bin movement to a minimum and possible surface damage.

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