Pedal bin - 5 litres - with antibacterial coating

5.00 L
28.00 cm
21.00 cm
0.90 kg

The 5l pedal waste bin is suitable for those who value a high level of hygiene. Our antibacterial pedal bin is ideal for hotels, offices or schools, where the protection of waste against microorganisms should be increased. To protect against bacteria and germs, a pedal bin with an antibacterial coating is ideal. The 5-litre waste pedal basket will protect against germs and fungi thanks to the special powder coating used in the manufacturing process. The antibacterial pedal basket has a click lock function, which locks the lid of the basket, keeping the basket in the open position. Antimicrobial and antifungal additives have been used to create the plastic components for the antibacterial coated pedal bin, effectively reducing microbial growth. Our 5l pedal litter bin also has a plastic insert with plastic handles, supports the maintenance of a greater degree of hygiene. The diameter is: 21cm / Basket height is: 28cm


Made in Poland / EU

All products marked with this sign are made in Poland.

Powder coated steel

Products made of powder coated steel have 2 years warranty. We are able to offer our products in any color.

10 000 cycles

Our pedal bins have declarations issued by CATAS for 10,000 cycles -EN 16122: 2012 + AC: 2015, clause 7.3.2, ISO 7170: 2005, x 10 000 clause 7.3.2.

Click lock

ALDA pedal bins are equipped with innovative „click lock” mechanism that locks lid in vertical position after opening. Thanks to that we can easily add or throw out the waste.

Plastic bucket

Emptying has never been so pleasant as with a plastic insert, thanks to which we can quickly and hygienically get rid of trash from the bin.

Anti-slip inlay

Thanks to pedal with anti-slip inlay, we incraise comfort of using our products.

Plastic handles

Plastic buckets for ALDA waste bins its equipped with handy plastic handles that helps with installation and emptying.

Antiseptic properities

The active substance added to paint and plastic parts destroys harmful microorganisms. It remains active for many years providing permanent antimicrobial protection. This products with the following standards: PN-EN ISO 846: 2002 regarding the evaluation of the action of microorganisms, which is confirmed by the Department of Medical Chemistry and Microbiology.

Easy to carry

Through project process of our products, we are caring mostly about ergonomy. That’s why hinge in ALDA bins is specially designed to be handle at the same time which makes bin moving easier.

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