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Is a bathroom waste bin necessary?

czy kosz jest potrzebny w łazience?

Is a bathroom waste bin necessary?

Why is there a waste bin in the bathroom?

A lot of waste is produced in the bathroom. It is hard to avoid using disposable hygiene items such as cotton buds, cotton wools, medication, sanitary pads or tampons. Many people throw this waste into the toilet, but this is very harmful behaviour. Hygiene waste can cause clogged pipes and even the toilet to become clogged. Others throw this waste into the general bin in the kitchen. However, this requires walking the route from the bathroom to the kitchen even several times a day just to throw away the waste. A good solution, therefore, would be a waste bin for the bathroom in white or another matching colour, which will accommodate hygienic waste and ensure cleanliness and convenience. 

What materials are bathroom waste baskets made of?

Bathroom waste baskets are made in many designs and colours (black bathroom waste baskets have become very popular in recent years). Ease of cleaning and hygiene is a priority in their production. Thus, the most popular materials used to create bins for the bathroom are plastic, metal and aluminum. Often these materials are enriched with an antibacterial coating. You can also find baskets with wooden elements, but most experts advise against them, as they are difficult to keep clean. 

The walls of the bin usually have a uniform coating, but you can also find bins with holes in the walls. 

When choosing a waste bin for the bathroom, it is worth paying attention to the fact that it should be lockable. This is firstly more hygienic and secondly aesthetically pleasing. There are different types of flaps available on the market for bins for the bathroom. 

Metal and aluminium bins usually have a convenient mechanism that allows you to open the bin flap without touching it with your hands. Plastic bins come with a movable flap, which allows the bathroom to remain aesthetically pleasing but does not provide the same level of hygiene. 


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What capacity of waste bin for the bathroom should I choose?

The most popular capacities of trash bins for the bathroom are the 3l and 5l trash bins. In addition, larger capacity bins are available. The size of the bin should be chosen according to the square footage of the bathroom and the free space you have in it, as well as the amount of waste produced. Remember that it is not always better to buy a 5l bathroom waste bin and throw away waste occasionally. This can result in the multiplication of many harmful bacteria. Therefore, it is recommended to use a small capacity bathroom waste bin. 

Where to place the bathroom waste bins?

Designers envisage different locations for bathroom waste baskets. Beige bathroom waste bins or white bathroom waste bins are discreet and do not disturb the space. They are therefore usually placed in small bathrooms where there is not much storage space. On the other hand, a black matt bathroom waste basket, which stands out more in the room, is good to place in a larger bathroom, where the dark element will not stand out too much and will not visually take up space. 

Baskets in the bathroom are usually placed next to the washbasin or the toilet - in a place where they will not obstruct or disturb your movements.

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