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Bin in a small kitchen - which waste bin will do the job best?

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Bin in a small kitchen - which waste bin will do the job best?

The bin in a small kitchen - which rubbish bin will do the job best? For several years now, out of concern for the environment, it has been compulsory to separate waste in homes. It would seem that you need a lot of space to separate waste properly. Nothing could be further from the truth! Which waste bin will do the job best and where should I place the waste bins so that they harmonise with the kitchen aesthetics and are as functional as possible? Organising space in a small kitchen is not complicated, it only takes a few simple but ingenious solutions.

Where to place the waste bin in a small kitchen?

If the kitchen in your home is in the design phase, it is good practice to plan yourself a space for waste bins. Under-sink waste bins are by far the most popular, due to their practicality. When performing kitchen activities, such as washing up and then disposing of food waste, it is very convenient to have a bin just under the sink. In addition, this solution does not take up much space.

Placing waste bins under the sink is intuitive. But it is not obligatory. There are many types of bins available on the market, which can be mounted on the wall or hung on a cabinet. Elegantly crafted bins complement any kitchen, so you can confidently display them: see the elegant waste bin from ALDA.

You can also separate waste in a small kitchen

Don't let anyone be discouraged by the lack of huge free space to use in the room. After all, small kitchens can also be functional and beautiful. It is worth knowing that the obligation to segregate waste has encouraged waste bin manufacturers to design aesthetic and practical waste bins.

Waste segregation is an important aspect to consider not only when decorating the kitchen. Fortunately, waste bins for homes are widely available, and their task varies so much that it is possible to choose the right pieces for our homes. All it takes is a little creativity, and choosing a waste bin will be child's play!

Moving on from the kitchen... bins for the room are also becoming more and more popular, blending perfectly into any style - industrial, classic, etc. For example, an unusual idea is an ecological waste bin with a modern and original design: ecofriendly waste bin covered with eco-leather.

How to separate BIO waste in a small kitchen

One of the categories of segregated waste is BIO waste. This is food leftovers, plant particles, peelings from fruit and vegetables. It is advisable to remove biowaste frequently because of its unpleasant smell due to decomposition. Buying a small bin is an ideal idea: small waste bin. What's more, it is practical to have sealed bags to limit the release of offensive odours.

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