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What kind of trash garbage cans for hotel rooms will work best?

kosze w pokojach hotelowych

What kind of trash garbage cans for hotel rooms will work best?

The hotel industry is well aware of the fact that waste segregation and management is becoming extremely important. Hotel guests can leave behind mountains of debris, and what's more, they are not segregated. This makes it much more difficult to manage the garbage and fulfill the obligation properly. This is why it is essential to equip hotel rooms with proper trash garbage cans. Which ones will work best?

What are the four types of waste garbage cans for a hotel?

The hotel trash garbage cans must not only match the design of the room, but above all, they must comply with the current standards related to waste segregation. The hotel trash garbage cans, therefore, are mainly made up of four basic types of containers. These include:

  • yellow container- it is a container designed for storing plastics and metals

  • blue containers are for paper

  • the green bin is for glass

  • brown bin - for any bio-waste

Hotel waste segregation garbage cans will make life much easier for hotel staff, who will no longer have to spend time on this.

What are the sizes of hotel waste garbage cans?

Wholesale trash cans certainly offer extremely diverse trash cans for hotel rooms. Nevertheless, choosing the right size should depend on where the trash can will be placed. As you know, hotel trash cans are located both in the room and also in the associated bathroom. For the garbage cans placed in the rooms, it is recommended to choose their capacity from 10 to a maximum of 18 liters. This way they will not be conspicuous and interfere with the arrangement of the entire room. Hotel waste baskets and room settings should not clash. If hotel waste baskets are matched with a bathroom, then 5 liter containers will be sufficient.

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Are metal wastebaskets better than plastic ones?

The choice between metal trash cans and plastic trash cans will certainly not be the easiest one. However, metal wastepaper baskets are much more durable and resistant to damage. It is safe to say that stainless steel or aluminum models also look much better in terms of aesthetics. The most important fact, however, is that metal does not absorb and also does not allow odors to pass through. Such trash cans for hotel rooms will therefore be a much more practical solution, as well as an aesthetically pleasing solution.

Trash can manufacturer for hotel

When choosing trash cans for hotel rooms, it is also extremely important to pay special attention to the manufacturer. Companies involved in the production and subsequent distribution of waste baskets for hotel rooms should have many years of experience. Only then, they will be able to provide optimal quality products. Moreover, it is also important that they have an extremely wide assortment. This is because every hotel room has different dimensions and different arrangements. It is therefore important that the trash can manufacturer offers a model that will be a perfect fit and at the same time complement the entire arrangement. High quality waste baskets will not only be a practical addition to a room, but also a great help for the cleaning crew.

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