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Which bin to choose for the office? - Our suggestions from the ALDA catalogue

wybór kosza do biura

Jaki kosz do biura wybrać? - nasze propozycje z katalogu ALDA

Waste bins for the office are certainly one of the obligatory elements of equipment. Nowadays, unfortunately, we produce significant amounts of waste, and proper segregation should be a priority for each of us. This is why it is worth paying attention to ensure that the office bin is properly selected and allows employees to use it safely and freely. So which of Alda's products are worth considering?

In which rooms are the office waste bins placed?

Waste bins for the office must be placed in strategic locations, where employees are most likely to be. Furthermore, care is usually taken to ensure that they are not too visible either. It is usually a good idea to place the office waste bins in the employee kitchen or the space where employees spend their breaks. They will then have easy access to the waste bin.

What to look out for when choosing litter bins for the office?

Above all, the waste bin for the office must have the right capacity. It is usually recommended that office waste bins offer at least 10 litres of capacity. Moreover, it is also essential to make sure that they are convenient and comfortable to use. They should have a foot and a flip-top so that employees don't have to touch the waste bin, which can harbour bacteria. This will also ensure hygienic considerations. Let's not forget that office waste bins should also be made of an elegant material such as aluminium or stainless steel.

Waste separation bins for the office

Waste bin manufacturer Alda offers a large waste bin for the office for waste separation. It is a three-chamber container that will enable your employees to sort waste efficiently, which can make a significant contribution to environmental protection. What's more, it's made of elegant stainless steel and colour-coded to make waste separation less of a challenge. In addition, it is worth choosing models with an antibacterial coating to ensure an adequate hygienic standard.

Bin capacities for the office

Alda also offers various capacities for office waste bins. You can either opt for the mini version, which offers a 5 litre capacity, or the large waste baskets with a capacity of 15 litres or more. Small office waste baskets are ideal as paper baskets, which employees should have within easy reach, preferably next to or just under their desks. Larger models, on the other hand, can be used in staff rooms.

Antibacterial wastepaper baskets for the office

Waste baskets for the office should comply with hygienic standards. That's why Alda offers perforated baskets with a swivel lid made of stainless steel. Thanks to this, employees will no longer have to worry about the lid being a home for bacteria and pathogenic germs. Such a solution will certainly be perfect for office spaces.

The manufacturer of waste baskets - ALDA

ALDA is a manufacturer of waste baskets that has been on the market for many years. It offers its customers the best quality waste bins, which are also characterised by a minimalist design. The diverse range of waste baskets and their various capacities mean that there is a model to suit every office, which is ideal.

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