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When choosing the right waste bin for your room, there are a few key factors to bear in mind that influence your choice. These include the décor of our living room or a room for example for a child or teenager. In addition, we should take into account the fact that such a waste bin must not be designed for odour-causing precipitation. In the ALDA product catalogue you will find many variants of baskets that will fit into your rooms.

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Choosing a waste bin seems like a simple choice, but it is not always so. We think about the colour, size and location of such a waste bin.

Waste baskets are an indispensable accessory for every home. They help to keep things clean and tidy. They most often find their place in the kitchen and bathroom, but they also work well in the bedroom and office.

Everyone feels more comfortable in their room when it is tidy and orderly.

The dustbin is mainly associated with the kitchen, as this is where most waste of all kinds collects.

At first, separating rubbish and understanding what and where to throw it can seem like a daunting task. However, with a little practice, the process can go quickly and smoothly.

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How to match the waste bin to the interior?

When you decorate your living space, every detail has to fit together. It is no different with the waste basket, which, in addition to its obvious functions, must also look good and fit in with the whole arrangement. In such a situation, you always browse a lot of websites and catalogues, and it is worthwhile to ask yourself a few simple questions at the beginning, e.g. How do I fit the waste bin into the interior? What are the right waste baskets for the room? Are there ideal wastebaskets for a child's room - if so, what makes them stand out from the rest? Nowadays, in addition to accessories, plants or lighting, the litter bin is an obvious choice. This is due, among other things, to the change in the way we work, which has forced many of us to create additional office space in our own homes. So how do we choose a waste paper basket that will correspond with the surroundings, but also be functional as an office waste paper basket? Many people also wonder which room baskets to buy in terms of decor? Some people opt for small baskets, which will not be seen at all, others want their room baskets to stand out, e.g. with their unique red colour or because they are made of the recently popular wicker. They answer the question asked at the beginning, namely how to match the wastebasket to the interior? In our opinion, you should choose one that is consistent with the surroundings, fulfils its functions and, above all, is designed for low-impact and odourless waste. After all, none of us will want to stay in our favourite room after work and at the same time enjoy the unpleasant smell from a waste bin :)


What is the function of room waste baskets?

In the children's room, similarly to litter baskets for kindergartens, they will allow us to get rid of scratched or torn pieces of paper on an ongoing basis, as well as other similar waste accumulated in large quantities by children. Waste baskets for the teenager's room also fulfil this function. It's important that they are handy and that they fulfil their function perfectly.


What type of room waste bin should I choose?

It's best to choose a lightweight, small plastic model - it can be in the form of a lockable container that also holds other waste. It is very important to choose the right size of litter bin. It's important to note that you won't want a large waste bin in a child's room, but it shouldn't be too small either so that you don't have to empty it every day. We can also choose waste baskets for offices, like the openwork bucket, which is ideal for disposing of waste paper or unnecessary documents. They are lightweight and safe for small children too. For the youngest members of the household, decorative baskets for their room will be a good choice, e.g. a basket with a colourful "Iceberg" motif, which will refer in its design to the beloved fairy tale. For a thoughtful teenager it will certainly be an important element supplementing his or her lofty room décor. The choice is wide.