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There are many reasons for the increased risk of fires, one of which is the ignition of waste in the dustbin. This usually happens by throwing a cigarette butt or other incandescent object into the garbage container. To minimize the risk of fire caused by inconsiderate throwing flammable materials into the trash bin, ALDA has decided to produce a series of bins with reduced fire spreading. Caring for the safety of our customers in households, hotels, public institutions or workplaces, we offer a number of bins that can significantly reduce the risk of fire. ALDA’s bins with reduced fire spreading are characterized by one of three categories of fire protection: self-extinguishing technology, increased non-flammability or fire-fighting properties.




Bins with self-extinguishing technology are bins from the FIREGUARD series. Thanks to the specially designed shape of the lid, they can be safely used in households. The FIREGUARD bin’s cover makes the smoke, that comes out of the smoldering fire, recycle. This cut off oxygen access. The result is that the fire is choked in the root of fire. Without the cover designed for the FIREGUARD line, smoke from the bin would escape from the side walls, and a large amount of oxygen would flow in, which would cause the fire to spread very quickly. The FIREGUARD bins significantly reduce the possibility of igniting waste in the bin, which helps to increase safety. In addition, FIREGUARD waste containers - available in three different colors - look extremely good in both modern and classic rooms.






Bins with increased non-flammability properties, such as FREEDOM FRESH HOTEL SAFE, have plastic inserts with V2 flammability category, which is confirmed by test report No. LT / 132.201B made by the research laboratory J.S. Hamilton Poland S.A. This allows you to strangle or significantly delay a possible of fire starting in the bin. Waste containers from the FREEDOM FRESH HOTEL SAFE series are in different colors and work very well in places where there is an increased risk of fire.


Some of our bins also have fire protection properties. Selected products from the category BINS WITH FLAP, ROOM BASKETS OR ASHTRAY BINS, used for their intended purpose, do not contribute to increasing the fire risk in buildings. This is confirmed by the Scientific and Research Center for Fire Protection, which we commissioned to examine our bins in terms of fire resistance. The study showed that trash cans in this category are flame retardant, do not contribute to the burning of materials nearby and do not undergo significant distortion under the influence of flames. Studies have also shown that since the fire was set on fire, the flame was reduced to a minimum in a very short time.

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