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Alda brand products are elegant, functional bins designed for long-lasting and comfortable use. We have several decades of experience, during which we have managed to design and manufacture products of the highest quality from durable and eco-friendly materials. And now you can find a unique collection of waste bins for the kitchen.

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Kitchen - the heart of every home, where both busy mornings and lazy evenings are spent. It's important that this place is very practical and furnished to our liking.

One of the places where most waste occurs is certainly the kitchen. It is a specific, multifunctional place. There are small kitchens that are used by large families.

Leftover food, cans, glass bottles and plastics are an everyday occurrence in every kitchen.

The bin in a small kitchen - which rubbish bin will do the job best? For several years now, out of concern for the environment, it has been compulsory to separate waste in homes.

At first, separating rubbish and understanding what and where to throw it can seem like a daunting task. However, with a little practice, the process can go quickly and smoothly.

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Bins for kitchen are nessesery

In most kitchens, we place our household waste bins in the cupboard under the sink. Why this habit? We do the most work in the kitchen at the sink, generating a lot of rubbish in the process.  Rubbish bins for the kitchen help us to keep things smoothly clean. We throw away cooking waste, food packaging, meal leftovers, drinks bottles and much more. Following the lead of European environmental awareness, we are increasingly replacing wastepaper bins under the sink with ones that are functional, that perfectly match the needs of the household members, the interior design and also follow current trends. This means that we are abandoning the traditional bucket placed in the sink cupboard.


Which waste bin for the kitchen should I choose?

When considering the choice - what are the ideal bins for the room including bins for the kitchen, we need to assess the size of the available space. More space is freestanding bins, less space is compact built-in waste bins. As we have already mentioned, the ugly plastic bucket is a thing of the past. The waste bin is becoming a fully-fledged design element that decorates the kitchen space in an original way.The way the waste bin is closed is not without significance. An airtight lid provides an aesthetically pleasing appearance and prevents bad smells from escaping. It is important to choose a waste bin whose closing method provides the greatest convenience during use. Kitchen waste bins that allow waste to be pre-sorted in your own kitchen are becoming increasingly popular. This is not only becoming a new fashion, but slowly becoming a necessity.


Take care of bad smells by choosing the right waste bin for your kitchen

An airtight lid over the top of the waste bin will, in most cases, effectively prevent unpleasant odours from spreading in the kitchen. That's why it's worth thinking about a small pedal bin. When choosing a waste bin for a cabinet, we need to take into account the amount of waste generated and the capacity of the space where we want to place the bin. So which bin to choose for the kitchen? A large, elegant, decorative pedal bin for sorting waste, or a smaller one to place in a cupboard? First of all, it's important to decide what size bin you need and where you want to place it. We can plan the place for the dustbin in the kitchen even before we design the house or flat. In most cases, however, the choice of the waste bin is discussed when the flat has already been completely furnished or when the family has grown and the amount of waste generated has increased with the new family members.